Waukesha Engine Components

EXPERIENCE MATTERS. T & B Repairs has been specializing in repairing engine components since 1989. With over 75 years of combined experience, by our technicians, give us a try today to be your rebuild our exchange shop. Each job is first cataloged with a personalized job number, which will be stamped on the item upon completion, with the technicians initial. All water pumps are inspected for proper bearing, impeller, and wear clearances. Machine shop work is provided on each pump as needed (bearing area, tabs, facing, etc.) Once assembled each pump is pressure tested @ 25 psi with water to ensure there are no mechanical seal leaks. The water is then drained and pump is blown out with air and sprayed with dry moly. See why so many service and energy companies rely on T & B.

T & B Repairs is an authorized Arrow Distributor offering new Arrow A Series engines and parts. We stock Arrow overhaul kits for VRG330, F817, and F1197 engines. We also provide repairs for VRG220/330, VRG265, VRG310, 140, 554, 145, F817, F1197, F1905 engine components. (Water pumps, oil pumps, rocker arms, etc.) Give us a call today to exchange a water pump or to quote you an overhaul kit.

T & B specializes in items for exchange on Waukesha VHP Series* engines (2895, 7042, 7044, 9390). Such as AD204702P heads, rocker arm assy, F200960D / A200960B main water pump, 4001 / 208540 auxiliary water pump, AA200280G / AA200380 oil pump, 208479C/208478 pre-lube pump and motor, S201 / 99L regulators, T18 / T30 turbochargers, 208372H wastegates, air starter, F15300M mag drive, carburetor.

Items available for exchange:

Engine Item Part Number
145 Water pump AA145760A
F817 Water pump D145460
F817 Oil pump CA145080G
F1197 Water pump T123760
F1197 Oil pump AA124080
1905 Water pump AA97160
1905 Oil pump AD97280A
3711 Water pump AA244060
3521 / 2895 Water pump F205060A
3521 / 2895 Oil pump AA200280
3521 / 2895 Auxiliary water pump 168115L, 207482N
L7042 Water pump (Old style) A200960B
L7042 Water pump (New style) F200960D
L7042 Oil pump (Old style) AA200280G
L7042 Oil pump (New style) AA200380
L7042 Rocker Arms
L7042 Wide Bridge Head AD204702P
L7042 Turbocharger T18A96, T30-21
L7042 Wastegate 208372H
L7042 Regulator S201, 99L
L7042 Auxiliary water pump 208540D, 4001
L7042 Idler assy C153645A
9390 Water pump H257060
9390 Oil pump D257180