Pow-R-Quik Air Starters

The Pow-R-Quik name has always been synonymous with excellence in air starting systems. The Pow-R-Quik brand is unequaled in the industry in terms of Performance, Reliability and Quality. All PRQ vane starters are lubeless, their vanes are made of a high tech material that reduces wear and allows operation with or without lubrication.

Introducing Pow-R-Quik's latest line of air starters. The Pow-R-Quik turbine starter, which replaces the previous generation of LS23/24 and LS60 vane starters.

Vane LS-8
Vane LS-16
Vane LS-23
Vane LS-24
Vane LS-60/61
Turbine PRQ-200i
Turbine PRQ-220h
Turbine PRQ-22i