Hydraulic Starters

Kocsis Technologies, Inc. is the World Leading Manufacturer of Hydrotor® Hydraulic Starters & Hydraulic Starting Systems.

We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive hydraulic starting product line, a strong dedication to product quality, outstanding customer service and a commitment to on-time deliveries. Currently, our hydraulic starters are used all over the world in numerous industries where reliable starting is required. For example, the marine, oil and gas, power generation, and mining industries frequently use hydraulic starting both as primary starting systems and/or auxiliary emergency starting systems for various engine applications.

  • 100% of all hydraulic assemblies are tested to insure the highest quality.

Pow-R-Quik's PRQ HS series of heavy duty enging starters was specifically designed and developed for the oil and gas service industry.


  • Gear type hydraulic motors.
  • Sold with or without hydraulic motors.
  • Heavy-duty friction clutch, inertial starter drives.
  • Sizes to fit most popular engines.