Arrow Engine Components

Arrow Engine it is now in full production of its newly released A90 NA and A90 TA gas engines. The NA is naturally aspirated and rated 110 bhp at 1800 rpm for continuous duty, while the TA is turbocharged and aftercooled with a rating of 150 hp at 1800 rpm. Both new engines are inline, six-cylinder, 8.9 L units that have water- cooled exhaust manifolds and air-to-air aftercooling. They are designed for continuous power generation, compressor drive, irrigation, oil lift and co-generation applications. The engines are also available with optional cooling systems and controls that allow them to operate in extremely cold climates to -22°F. The A90 NA and A90 TA engines also power the VRC and VRS compressor frames that Arrow manufactures and packages in its compressor division.